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Powered by is our strategic reseller program that offers our partners the ability to bundle powerful ecommerce within their existing suite of products and services.

What does this mean to your customers?

  • World-class ecommerce functionality “out-of-the box”
  • Variable plan types just right for their business: Standard, Plus, Pro
  • Integrations with industry-leading payments, shipping, digital marketing, social media solutions and more
  • 1000+ technology partners
  • 200+ design themes
  • Our world-class, 24/7 merchant support

What does this mean for partners?

  • An enhanced product portfolio with our flexible ecommerce platform
  • Revenue share on all active storefronts
  • Increased customer loyalty and reduced churn
  • Higher ARPU

Experience our powerful APIs

  • Connect with BigCommerce to create new merchant accounts
  • Provision new merchant stores
  • Manage your customers' store lifecycle
  • Easily manage merchant billing alongside your core services
  • Integrate new BigCommerce capabilities into your product portfolio
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“BigCommerce will provide best-in-class website and ecommerce functionality, and WineDirect will provide wine industry specific tools and services. Leveraging the exceptional features of both platforms, the two technologies will come together into one easy-to-use solution.”


How does the program work?

Powered by is a collection of partner-focused APIs that enable you to offer BigCommerce stores to your merchants and seamlessly provide them with access to new ecommerce storefronts.

To take advantage of this reseller opportunity, simply integrate to BigCommerce using our APIs, decide how you’ll promote and market your new ecommerce solution to existing and prospective merchants — and leave the rest to us.

Our Powered by technology gives you the power to:

  • Offer a powerful ecommerce platform to your merchants, while building an onboarding experience that fits your merchants’ preference — from discovery and onboarding to accessing their new storefronts.
  • Create and manage the lifecycle of accounts and merchant stores.
  • Pre-install apps and customize settings such as payment gateways during store creation — making it easy for your merchants to start with all the tools they need.
  • Decide whether you own the billing relationship for your merchants’ store subscription — or let BigCommerce manage billing directly with merchants.
What kind of businesses is the program designed for?

Our Powered by reseller opportunity is designed for technology companies across all tech sectors and product verticals. If your company works with small or medium-sized brands and merchants, and sees value in adding an ecommerce platform as a product into your solutions offering, then Powered by could be for you.

Some of our existing partners include global leaders in POS, payments, companies that provide integrated solutions such as an ERP, PIM, CRM or merchant services supporting businesses.

How do I become a partner?

Simply submit the application below, and one of our Strategic Partner Managers will be in touch with you soon.

As the Powered by reseller opportunity is an invite-only program, we cannot guarantee that all applications will be approved. However, we’d love to speak to you to learn more about your business, your plans for the future and together determine if this is the right opportunity for you.

Can I create stores in different languages for customers outside of the US?

Yes! BigCommerce services merchants and works with tech and agency partners located all over the world. Outside of the US, our ecommerce platform currently operates in Canada, Mexico, Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom, Germany, France, Spain, Italy and the Netherlands. Plus, we’re adding more country support all the time.

Is your country not currently listed? We encourage you to still get in touch with us if you are interested in the platform.

Who provides customer support for my customers?

As part of the services included in the Powered by reseller program, BigCommerce provides world-class, US-based, 24/7 merchant support for your customers.

What kind of sales and marketing support does BigCommerce provide to partners?

As an approved Powered by reseller partner, your team has full access to the BigCommerce partner portal, which includes access to our content library, full of helpful guides, videos, selling tools and co-brandable assets.

Additional content and partner enablement support for qualified partners includes:

  • Marketing content access
  • Channel partner enablement and support
  • Partnership alignment and working sessions
  • Technical implementation and integration support

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